A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Boss Battle is an asymmetrical fighter between a VR and PC player.  

The VR player assumes the role of the Boss, while the PC player plays as the Fighter. 

As the Boss, defend yourself from projectiles and lunges by swinging your sword and shield!

As for the Fighter,  disguise yourself amongst clones to distract and attack your opponent!


Only on VR!


Boss Features (VR)

  • Shield Block - Left touch controller
  • Sword Attack - Right touch controller

Fighter Features (PC)

  • Movement - WASD keys
  • Lunge Attack - Left mouse click
  • Projectiles - Right mouse click
  • Clones - automatic


Production Team

Cole Masaki: Main Programmer, 3D modeling, Character Design

Harris Tsui: Character Design, 3D modeling, Animator

Jhun Lee: 3D Modeling, Producer

Nicole Polidore:  Project Manager, Shaders, Environmental Layout


MacOS.zip 244 MB
Windows.zip 217 MB

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